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Nova Scotia Women in Sport

 Twenty-four chapters, 250 pages of Nova Scotia’s female athletes who have brought honour to our province.  Stories of athletes, past and present, who have performed provincially, nationally and internationally. 

Information about coaches and builders who made a difference in their sport of choice and how it influenced the sporting world.  Stories about athletes, teams and volunteers in some of the lower profile sports that have reached the world’s stage. 

Facts about some “firsts” in Nova Scotia sport and those who made history in doing so.  Some interesting background stories about various athletes through personal interviews.

Foreword by Karen Furneaux, Olympic Kayaker, author and motivational speaker.

Introductory message from Lyndsay Doyle, author, photographer and advocate for females in sport.


Book will be out in the spring of 2021.  It will be available at various book stores in the province, including Coles and Chapters.  Signed copies will be offered on-line/Facebook as well.