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In September of 1918, a paper was presented at the annual School Exhibition, once again held at the Demonstration Building.  It was in commemoration of the Eighth Annual Exhibit and consisted of a brief history of Lawrencetown, outlining its educational process, its social, business and industrial life.

  One interesting paragraph stood out: Several years ago Lawrencetown School held an Exhibition, one of the finest of its kind in the Maritime Provinces.  Since then many schools have followed this example, so that today School Exhibitions are an annual event in many of the sections.  Since the first exhibition Lawrencetown has had one each year, their motto being, A better exhibition from year to year.  This has proven true, not only from the fact that the school house, which held the exhibits of the first few years, has now become too small, so that now the exhibitions are held each year in the Agricultural Demonstration Building; but also from the fact that there were perhaps one hundred visitors for the first three or four years, and those principally from Lawrencetown and nearby sections, now hundreds of people from all parts of the Province annually attend the Lawrencetown School Exhibition.


You can visit the Ex website at: http://www.annapolisvalleyexhibition.ca/